Monday, September 3, 2012

Revive Your Prayers For Your Marriage

So I myself have not blogged in a really long time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading other blogs, which brings me to my post today.  Last year or so I came across this blog called Women Living Well and I absolutely loved it.  The woman who runs it, talks a lot about living a Christ centered life, in your marriage, in your parenting, and all aspects of your life.  I just love her tips!  Also, she home schools her kids, which I will be starting more diligently soon, though my 3 year old and I have immensely loved the time spent together doing little projects that I've pulled out "on the fly," but I'm trying to establish more of a plan for the near future :)  Anyway, she has started a new series, along with three other wonderful blogs, all about Reviving Your Marriage.  This week is all about Reviving Your Prayers when it comes to your husband.  I highly recommend you read it!  The challenge this week is to treat your wedding ring like a string around your finger, reminding you to pray for your husband whenever it catches your eye, which I know for me happens ALL the time.  Also, the blogging ladies recommend using a outside symbol, for when you're out and about.  For me, I am choosing to use a Ralphs truck, since that is the company my husband currently works for.  So this week, whenever I see a Ralphs truck, I am going to make sure to throw up a prayer for my best friend ;)  I hope through this series that I can grow in many different areas in my marriage.  I also hope that through participating in this challenge that I can be better about blogging more frequently.

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